Why Feeling Left Out Leads to Eating Chocolate Chip Cookies

Socializing has such a huge impact on our lives. There are the obvious ones like:

  • Feeling connected and in “in groups” helps stave off depression, sickness and increasing our life spans
  • Being connected to important and exclusive information can help us when it comes to improving our careers, business and career advancement
  • Being comfortable socializing helps us make new friends, romantic connections and build a social circle of people who support and love us

But there are also the less obvious ones like:

  • How feeling left out can lower your self-control
  • How feeling left out can lower your willpower and lead to eating more
  • How feeling left out can make you less likely to help others
  • How socializing can affect your willpower

In a guest post I published for Willpowered, I shared 8 tips that you must know before your next social event.

Click here to learn the 8 willpower tips you must know before your next social event.


I’ll share:

  • How to pay more attention in conversations you’re having
  • How to appear more charismatic to people you just met
  • How to boost your confidence instantly
  • How to excuse yourself from conversations you don’t like
  • The link between feeling left out and gorging on chocolate chip cookies

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