How to Have Unforgettable Conversations

Do you ever get into a brief conversation where you finally figure out what you're going to say next but never end up saying anything? You end up simply listening, nodding your head and agreeing with the other person who's leading the conversation.

It can be annoying.

Maybe the thing you have to say is something about yourself, but you hesitate because you don't know how to share it and don't wanna come across as arrogant or self-absorbed.

Today I want to share a technique that you can use to build rapport with others by opening up about yourself in a genuine way.​

The "Yes and Technique"

A natural and easy way to sprinkle in things about yourself is by using the “Yes and Technique" when someone asks you a question.

  • The "yes" part simply answers the question. In some cases it may be "no" (depending on the question)
  • The "and" part goes into a bit of depth and turns your answer into more of a story

Here are two examples:

Katrina: Do you enjoy red wine?

You: Yes I am [Yes]. And [and...] I actually just went to Napa Valley this summer because I love wine and the winemaking process so much. It was beautiful there, rolling hills, huge estates we had a blast. Are you a red wine fan?

Katrina: Yes, I absolutely love red wine [Yes]. In fact, [and…] most of my Fridays at work are spent dreaming about the bottle I'm going to open that night (Ok, I’d never say that. But it’s true!)

See how both examples turned a “yes or no” question into something way more fascinating by adding a few details?

Using this strategy will make you more memorable.


Because people don't remember if you happened to stumble through a few words or stuttered a bit...what they remember are stories.

By adding a short story you become way more memorable. So use this strategy during your next conversation to build rapport and charisma (or if you're sick of listening to someone talk the whole time).

Stay tuned, in the next post I'll share a conversation strategy to make talking to you feel as good as having sex....seriously. Oh and it will also keep the convo flowing 🙂

For now, go take action and apply this strategy. When you're done, share your results in the comments below!

2 thoughts on “How to Have Unforgettable Conversations

  1. My dear, as a newbie blogger I am thrilled to come across your blog in my search for “Five Top Bloggers” … I am a TOTAL INTROVERT AND LOVE IT. However, social communication has always suffered for it, and although my career choice forced me to “go out there and … BE SOCIAL, it has always been difficult and extremely uncomfortable for me. Not a party or social event or baby shower or office meeting or you name it was I ever comfortable at. And, the worst part is the beating up of myself that I’d do when I got out of there! Oh, the demons started with all my stupid questions, stupid responses, why’d I say That? Must all think I’m weird or something … and on and on it would go.

    Now, thank God, I am “coming out of the closet”!!! YES, I AM AN INTROVERT, AND PROUD OF IT!”, but of course recognize the need to be able to go “out there” and be able to communicate so they at least can be sure that I’m not up here in my ‘Hideaway Haven’ going, you know, nuts.

    Having said all that, Katrina, your blog is an extremely welcome addition to my ‘ToolKitforLife’ box … thank you. Keep up the great work!

    1. Hi Jneysha,

      Thanks so much for the kind words and I’m so glad you found the blog! I write about a lot of the issues that you bring up. It can definitely be difficult to put yourself out there, but when you begin to make connections your life will transform. Own who you are and that you’re an introvert, there’s absolutely nothing wrong with that! But like you said, having the self-awareness to know your areas for improvement is key and it sounds like you’ve both identified and are working on it! Best of luck.

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