Case Study: How Tatum went from Socially Anxious to Rocking the Sh** out of Conversations

Imagine struggling with social anxiety and awkwardness on a personal level, while being an entrepreneur who has to pitch yourself and your business for a living.

Now imagine that within a few weeks you transformed your social skills and perspective, so much so that you could "rock the shit out of conversations."  

That's exactly what Tatum, a former student, and self-described introvert in her mid-20's faced. Today I want to share her story.

Tatum knew that she had to improve her social skills...

I need a lot of help with improving my social skills to pitch myself and my company. It’s nerve wracking and it gives me anxiety attacks when I try to do it. 

I also want to improve my conversations and communication with people in my everyday life."

Tatum struggled to be her true self in conversations without making other people feel uncomfortable.


She described herself as coming across as either silly or too direct. She said that other people just didn't  “get her.” She also had the habit of rambling during conversations and struggled to get on the same wavelength with people she would interact with. This made conversations "unbearable and awkward."

It would also lead to Tatum replaying those awkward conversations in her head “over and over again.” She would think of all the things she should not have said and all the things she should have said. She said that she spent way too much time “beating herself up.”

She had a hard time making the impression that she wanted to make, she wanted to command respect but that was the last thing she felt that was coming across in her conversations.​

On Approaching People...

When it came to approaching people who were more important than her like investors or other entrepreneurs, she would “go blank" and totally forget everything she knew about her business making it really hard to establish a professional network of people who liked and trusted her. It was hard for her to effectively communicate, especially when she felt like she was being judged.

On Dealing with People...

Tatum wasn’t sure how to deal with constructive criticism, if people questioned her business she would become defensive and she had no idea how to handle those situations. She described feeling “frazzled, discouraged and being low on confidence."

On a personal level, Tatum struggled with conversations with her family members and loved ones. Her family would tell her that she wasn’t able to emotionally relate to what they were saying when it came to sensitive topics,  this frustrated her and made those conversations even more difficult.

"I just don't know where to start."

Tatum knew she had to make a change and improve her social skills. It was something that she wanted to work on, but she didn’t know where to start.

She would give herself little pep-talks to encourage herself to have conversations and approach people, but it wasn’t a reliable system for her. She read some books and blogs but didn’t really follow through on any of the things that she learned. She then met Katrina through a mutual Facebook group they were a part of and was introduced to Communication for Nerds.

She chose the Communication for Nerds course because she was looking for a systematic way to improve her communication skills step-by-step. Tatum wanted a system that would break down the strategies and turn them into actionable items that she could actually do, piece by piece.

Tatum closely studied each of the course modules, dedicating 1-3 hours a week to really digging through the content and taking notes.

She would follow through on all the exercises step-by-step and felt comfortable doing the exercises because she tackled a lot of the inner-psychology that was holding her back in the first 3 modules of the course.

She found the modules around inner-psychology “empowering” and it helped her identify her negative mental habits along with replacement routines to beat them. She also implemented the body language hacks that had “a positive effect on her and made her feel more confident." The weekly emails helped her stay on track and follow through on the exercises.

She felt like she had a “communication guru in her inbox.” 

On Tackling Negative Self-Talk

After the first module, Tatum already started seeing results.

Module 1 made me realize the self-talk adding to my anxiety. Finding ways to turn that around and being proactive was definitely worth while for me. I have a lot of negative thoughts going through my mind all day and I think that confronting them head-on was very useful.

Doing this week's exercise was really positive and it helped me think about the end goal of improving my communication skills making it "real" and motivating me to complete the course and get the most out of it!"​

Results that Changed the Trajectory of her Life

As Tatum progressed through the course and used the specific strategies in each of the modules she started seeing real, tangible results that made her feel more personally and socially confident. 

Now that I've taken the course I have practical solutions that I can apply to daily interactions that make me feel more confident and prepared.

I can now rock the sh** out of conversations! I felt like the course has made me a better girlfriend, sister and daughter. I've become a better listener and am more aware of people's feelings.

Thank you Katrina, you changed the trajectory of my life!"

If Tatum did it, so can you

Are you looking to change the trajectory of your life and conquer your social hangups just like Tatum did?

Do you have a hard time opening up?

Do you wish you could approach people and keep conversations flowing naturally?

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