4 Action Steps to Build Unshakeable Confidence

Confidence. What a weird thing.

It seems simple, but it’s not. For some people it’s one of those things that ebbs and flows, you feel super confident one day and not confident the next.

For others, it’s a struggle to even feel an ounce of confidence…ever.

But here’s one thing we can all likely agree on– we all want to be more confident than we are today.

Confidence seems like one of those things people just “magically” have, but it’s not that simple. Confidence takes time, practice and a strong belief in yourself.

I’ve heard many of ya’ll talk about how confidence is something you struggle with. If you’re one of them, I think the post I’m sharing with you today will be helpful, it’s called: 4 Action Steps to Build Unshakeable Confidence.

In it I cover:

  • 4 actionable strategies you can use to start improving your confidence
  • How to start stepping out of your comfort zone–without all the anxiety & emotional baggage
  • Why defining your life values will make you more decisive & confident (& how to do it)
  • The scientifically proven #1 mindset that will help you improve your performance
  • The right way to view “time” & how to get over regretting the past & worrying about the future

It’s a guest post I wrote and there’s also a great video from my friend Antonio who shares some of his own personal struggles with confidence and how he overcame them.

What was your favorite action item? Let me know in the comments below!

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