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Welcome, I’m Katrina!

I’m an introvert who learned how to effectively flex my “extrovert muscle” and I want to help you do the same. 

My goal is to help you communicate what you want so that you can get what you want.

This blog is for you if:

  • You want to express your true self. You hate the “fake it til’ you make it” non-sense advice out there and want to be you while still being socially confident
  • You want the power to make the impression YOU want to make– whether it’s because you feel like you’re a “fake” (I’ve felt this way too)- or you want to be perceived in a different light
  • You want to progress – Perhaps in your career, like building a new business or moving ahead in your company. It could be for more personal reasons, like making more friends, or simply being more socially attractive–either way, you know social skills will help get you there

What you will get from this blog:

  • My mission is to give you actionable advice to up your social confidence and live your best life
  • A unique approach using change psychology, habit transformation and neuroscience to tackle your psychological and communication barriers
  • An honest and passionate guide to walk you through the journey

What you will NOT get from this blog:

  • Pickup artist type techniques or advice- this is about making genuine connections with people and making you feel as comfortable as you can while doing it. Feel free to apply these methods to meet new people, but always make sure you have the right intentions
  • Gimmicky networking- don’t you hate when people approach you for the sole reason of using you in some way? If your only goal is to hit 500+ connections on LinkedIn or something to that effect, you’re in the wrong place
  • False promises- I’m not going to tell you that making improvements is super easy, or that it will happen overnight. I’m going to be honest about the challenges you’ll face, but I will do my best to help you tackle them so you can be the best person you can be

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A bit about me personally:

I love yoga, Jeopardy!, reading, hiking and brainstorming. I definitely consider myself nerdy, so the title of this site is totally playful and not meant to offend anyone. Before I started my own business and raised capital, I really wasn’t great at meeting people or making friends. I was a lot more introverted, yet I’d still consider myself an introvert today. Long story short, starting my own business really pushed me outside of my comfort zone and forced me to quickly develop and refine my communication skills.

Through that experience, I realized that communicating effectively is truly a skill that can be learned. Now I’m on a mission to share the painful lessons I learned the hard way.

I have pitched in front of top Silicon Valley VC’s, have approached VIP’s like Marc Cuban, Arianna Huffington, and Magic Johnson. I have built a pretty extensive professional network that I’m proud of. My network has helped me:

  • Raise $100k in startup capital
  • Get salary boosts of over $30k
  • Attend awesome events like a private Q&A session with Sheryl Sandberg, attending Kim Kardashian & Kanye’s engagement (no lie), and parties at VIP’s private homes…among other things

A bit about me professionally:

I’ve been working in the online space since 2008. While getting my MBA, I interned for an e-commerce company in Los Angeles called Shopflick. That internship turned into a permanent role heading up Business Development for them. The company eventually got acquired by Sugar Media.

Following that I raised capital and founded my own business, marriage.com which was acquired in March 2014. During part of the marriage.com years, I was also part of a tech incubator which launched Ringadoc.com, a B2B software for doctor’s offices. That eventually brought me up to San Francisco, where I led Business Development for Ringadoc after they raised a seed round. Ringadoc was acquired by Practice Fusion in August 2014 and I’m currently part of Practice Fusion’s awesome team. In October 2014 I pitched an idea and led a team that won first place at Startup Weekend Women SF for a savings app concept called Lil’ Piggy.

If you have specific questions or feedback, feel free to use the Contact page to get a hold of me. I love hearing from you. You can also find me on Twitter.