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Katrina has a unique approach to helping people improve their social confidence by drawing the best from fields like psychology, habit creation and more. Her advice is straight-forward, genuine and actionable."

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​I want to help YOU be the best version of yourself.

Before I started my own business and raised capital, I really wasn’t great at meeting people or making friends. I was and still am an introvert...I just learned how to flex my extrovert muscle.  Long story short, starting my own business really pushed me outside of my comfort zone and forced me to quickly develop and refine my communication skills.

Through that experience, I realized that communicating effectively is truly a skill that can be learned. Now I’m on a mission to share the painful lessons I learned the hard way.

I have pitched in front of top Silicon Valley VC’s, have approached VIP’s like Mark Cuban, Arianna Huffington, and Magic Johnson. I have built an extensive network that has helped me raise capital, go to VIP events like Kim Kardashian and Kanye's engagement party, and get a $20k salary raise in one phone call.